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The Dude’s Homebrew Competition: Information for Brewers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from homebrewers.

How much beer do I need to donate?

We recommend that you donate a full 5-gallon batch to the event, though it’s not a requirement. We’d like for there to be enough to pour samples for everyone that donates to taste the beers at the event. And you stand a better chance of winning if your beer doesn’t run out during the event.

Do I need to be present at the event?

Yes. Or at least someone needs to be present to serve your beer to the public. Oftentimes people will want to learn more about the beer they’re trying and the brewing process involved, so it’s best that the brewer is on hand to talk about their creation.

What kind of dispenser do I need?

You may bring your beer in whatever dispenser is most convenient for you. This can include any of the following: corny kegs, growlers, bottles, jockey boxes, etc.

What else do I need to bring?

You are responsible for bringing all necessary equipment needed to dispense your beer at the event, including ice, CO2, etc. Resurgence provides the tables for brewers to set up at, and we’ll provide cups for the tasters.

When do I need to arrive on the day of the event

We ask that all brewers please arrive with their beers by 11 am in order to give us time to set everything up before the event starts at noon.

May I drop off the beer at the venue the night before the event

Unfortunately, due to the large number of brewers, we cannot allow brewers to drop their beers off the night before.